After Effects alternative. ‘Movido Project’- my idea software for motion graphics design


Hi there, Guys ! I would like to show you my project I have been working on- ‘Movido project’. This is my original idea for application for motion graphics and video editing. Currently on the market we have two major players:
After Effects and Cinema 4d. Both are great, but they have some pros and cons. The big issue in After Effects for me is: lack of real 3d views, node editor- similar to Nuke and steep learning curve. Cinema 4D on the other hand is easy and quick to learn. In my project I combined the best features of both applications and added some new innovative features. Movido project has also video editing capabilities, so there is no problem with making all stuff in one program. For now my program exist only as an idea. I have some  user GUI designs, but before I go forward with it. I would like to get your feedback. What do you think about it? Is it a room on the market for this kind of software?.The biggest challenge  for me is  finding a right people to make this idea happened, especially some keen soft  developers. If you believe  in it just drop me a line. Below I would like to show you some raw GUI , splash screen and  features. I would like to implement within. Sounds good?  Who knows maybe it will be another Blender 3d .  Thanks for your time and don’t forget to share my concept with your friends on twitter and facebook.

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  1. Posted by Where to Dowload it?, at Reply

    This look likes a realy good program, but where to download it? It had been realy great to know.

    I needs a better disigning program to get better.