“Baptised in Fire”- logo for paratroopers squad


Hello Everybody!

In the last week I didn’t publish any project on my website, because I still work on my  new design venture .  So I’m very busy, however I found some spare time and decided to show you my new design project “Baptised in fire”. This badge was designed for a paratrooper squad. You can read it inside the badge. If you take a closer look, the whole compositions of guns, horizon lines creates a shape of skull. Honestly, I designed it through a happy accident. In some cases it reminds me some surrealistic pictures of Salvador Dali. Anyway, as always you can watch a making of… video and some color variations of my final product. If you like my stuff please support me on Facebook and Twitter . Don’t forget about writing some comment-your feedback matters. Thanks in advance and Enjoy!

designed by: visualrevolt.more info on my website www.visualrevolt.net


designed by:www.visualrevolt.net

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