6 top mistakes people make choosing a graphic designer and how to avoid them


1. Making a choice based on the price

This is the one common mistake some inexperienced clients always make.
While asking for the price of the service seems to be very logical,in case of creative services such as graphic design it creates a lot of problems.Creating an outstanding and unique product such as logo requires a lot of work.It usually involves a lot of research, an interview with a client and some handmade sketches. Someone who agrees to do work for you without finding out more about your needs doesn’t truly care about helping you.Graphic design market these days is highly competitive and for an inexperienced client it is very hard to define if the person they are talking to is a true expert
or just an amateur. An average graphic designer will try to win you as a client by offering you the service at the lowest rate possible.
So to avoid getting caught in a trap set by an amateur designer never ask the price before having a long and detailed discussion about what your needs are.
Can you really expect high quality service from someone who is underpaid?
Would you personally take up a job that pays only half of even less of the minimum going rate and be willing to meet all the expectations of your client?
Or wouldn’t you be suspicious if someone offered you a Rolex watch for up to 70% less of it’s retail price? In the end a great graphic designer is the one who has to fix all the problems
created by the underpaid amateur and the client is the one to pay twice.

2. Using cheap overseas designers with no expertise in current design trends

As harsh as it sounds this is not the best idea to hire someone from  undeveloped country with
no tradition in design only to get the work done cheap.This has been already tried and tested by some unsatisfied clients who ended up asking me to fix their problems.
Another issue is raisingany form of dispute with someone who can not be held accountable by the law of your country.
You have no guarantee of authenticity and originality of the work and the copy rights aren’t secured.

3. Approaching ‘One size fits all’ corporate designer companies

A lot of corporate design companies have an approach of treating each client in exactly the same way. They will try to win you by offering you different bundles such as silver, gold and platinum.
In that case apart from a fancy name there is nothing fancy you can expect from this service.
These companies highest priority is to make a profit not the quality and craftsmanship.

4. Approaching designers with no proven portfolio of clients

Would you trust someone who is just learning how to become a graphic designer?
A lot of wannabe designers will be more than happy to get paid and use you as their guinea pig. Always ask your potential designers of some commercial samples of his work.
Amateurs or starters have no experience in helping people like you.

5. Approaching designers with no reputation and client feed back

The best way to find a great graphic designer is through the word of mouth. In case none of your friends or family has ever used such services it’s always good to check some independent client reviews. Be aware that some clever amateur designers will fake their reviews by writing them by themselves. The great graphic designer will show you a proof of a great job by showing real clients saying good things about them. Never trust the client feedback without the photo of the person.

6. Approaching designers who communicate via non personal form of interaction

How much do we love to fill out some three page long  forms while applying for a driving licence,
applying for a job or visa to travel?  Does person who create these forms really care about our unique needs?  To get a great and outstanding artwork be sure to talk to someone in person so that you can show exactly what you need. Even If a great designer lives in another city after initial phone call you can always talk via free video call using Skype. A great graphic designer will always insist to talk to you in person to better identify your needs and ensure you are 100% happy.


How do I choose a great graphic designer?

Trust your first impression

The best way to establish if you are dealing with a great graphic designer is to remember your very first impression of his/her work. Remember that if your impression was positive this is very likely
that the same way your clients will feel whenever they come across your company’s logo
or website. Great work always makes great impression.

Multiple choice

Be sure that a great graphic designer will usually come up with multiple ideas to help you choose what is the best for you.
That is a real insider secret of the industry.

Make sure they ask you a lot of questions

By asking questions a great graphic designer tries to get as much information as possible about your problem.

Hand made sketches

As it was in the old days a great artist creates his artwork by hand. That way you can be sure that
the artwork is unique and the person you are dealing with has a real talent, is to check if he or she does his/her sketches by hand.  A lot of mediocre graphic designers use ready made templates that can be easily recognised by an experienced designer and the outcome is often very average.
Of course a great graphic designer uses computer software too but only to fine tune his unique artwork.