How I Will Design Your Remarkable Logo

My logo design process consists of 5 stages


Stage 1  – Brief

At this stage  I discuss with clients  their expectations, goals,  ideas regarding  new logo. I gather all informations about colour preferences, logos style, where the logo will be presented. This is very important stage of each of my project so informations should be given as accurate as possible.It will have a enormous  impact to the final product.



Stage 2  – Research

After set up our  mutual agreement and brief’s  issues I always start market research while I check out the  potential competitors and develop new stand out ideas.The next level of research is gathering all of the given informations to visual form . I draw a mind maps and  begin create a  raw sketches on the paper.


Stage 3  – Initial sketches

This is a moment where I start to visualize a logo using informations from earlier prepared brief.
I create many  size and colour variations. I usually introduce to my clients few logo concept designs to choose one from.


Stage 4  – Revisions

The whole design process is almost done.If the client wish I make some tweaks and alternations.
I want to make sure that the  chosen logo suits to the client’s needs.


Stage 5  – Final work

This is the best part for every designer:-) End of the project .
Final project> Happy client and gained another new experience.



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