Find out about the deadliest mistake independent bands make …


Find out about the deadliest mistake independent bands make while choosing graphic and web designer you really want to avoid…

-Probably you are a talented musician who has spent a lot of time practicing his/her instrument?

-Probably you have invested a lot of money in music education like music lessons and music courses, perhaps you even have a music degree?

-Probably you have spent a lot of time in a rehearsal room and in recording studio with your band trying to make your music even better???

-Probably deep in your heart you are proud of who you are as a musician and how far you managed to get as a player or singer, composer and performer?

-Probably you have invested a lot of money in your music gear such as: instruments, recording software, studio monitors, microphones and a great computer to handle the recording process?

-Most likely the total money investment you have made over the years is worth thousands of Dollars, Pounds, Euros or whatever the currency is in your home country? Or maybe it’s even impossible to measure this enormous financial effort?

-Most likely right now you are about to release an album that you want to promote on-line and through some traditional distribution channels?

-Probably making this album including production, engenering and studio time has cost you a lot of money and effort?

-Probably you had to pay some great session musicians to record music parts you couldn’t do by yourself?

-Probably composing the music cost you a lot of frustration and time to make it the very best you could?

-Probably you put a lot of hope in your album release and you would like to finally get paid for all the investment you have made over all those years, or at least you would love get noticed by fans and music industry?


Unfortunately …

all these efforts you put will be wasted because you have overlooked one of the deadliest mistake musicians make while promoting and releasing their albums!!!

You have overlooked the fact that nowadays people listen music with their eyes!!! Fans do that when they choose which albums to buy. Which band’s t-shirt they wanna wear and which poster they want to have on their wall!!!

Do you remember when you were a kid listening to your favorite bands?

You wanted all the artwork and posters related to your band – You wanted it all!!! Do you remember???

Do you remember how cool you thought was the logo of the band?

How awesome was the album cover?

How great you felt when you were proudly wearing your bands t-shirts?

Now you are in a band, and you are just about to have your album and music released. And you don’t have all these cool things that will make you your fans love you, support you and worship you!!!

Isn’t that weird that you have spent all these years becoming a musician you always wanted to be,

making one of the biggest thing in your life happen and…

you want to put some crappy logo on the album cover or have some lame graphic design done by some cheap outsourced company in the third world country???

Are you really insane to destroy all your efforts and dreams by making this one stupid deadly mistake that so many independent artists like you do everyday???

-Don’t blame the World that you didn’t get noticed or appreciated!

-Don’t blame the music industry for being so cruel!

-Don’t blame your fans that they chose some other band not you!

You are about to burry alive all your dreams you have worked towards all your life by making this one mistake- Choosing the cheapest option to save a little bit of money!!!

My name is PJ and I am a London based graphic designer. I create band logos, album covers and band websites. I fix $100 logos and $200 websites and $25 band posters!!!

If you have already made this big mistake of choosing a lame or average logo for your band it’s still not too late to fix it!!!

If you have already paid for your crappy website I can still fix it for you!!!

If your band poster didn’t attract anybody’s attention don’t worry –

The one I will make for you will stand out!!!

Remember as harsh as it sounds your fans listen music with their eyes first and their perception becomes your reality!!!